Episode 10

#007 Oops...All Nerd Shit

Eddie Mendiola published on
Steven Garrett updated on

In this episode Steven and Eddie just talk about nerd shit. From video games to manga and even a bit of anime we really got into it. I don't think we intended it to go on the entire episode but fuck it. This is our show so enjoy it losers. I'm sorry that was harsh. Don't hate me.

Love, Steven 

p.s. I know the names of all the aliens in Halo, both human given and the race's real name. What pointless unimpressive knowledge do you hold?

Intro Song (Eddies Pick): Cowboy Bebop, "Tank," Yoko Kanno

Outro Song (Stevens Pick): Halo "Halo" Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori

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