D-Orc Cast

Episode 43

Dorc Cast episode 42: Convention Chats: Tracee Lee Cocco!

Dapper Orcs published on

During SteamHouse Con 2015, all the DOrcs were called upon to instead work the floor and take control of the Convention, on short notice, and thusly had little time to record.

Professor Falconer, Enigmatic Pariah and Macaroonicorn did, however, get to sit down for a quick chat with Star Trek legend Tracee Lee Cocco!

We cover the highlights of her career, the little known other projects she's worked on, and even what shows she watches as ritualistically as some of us had watched her!


Disclaimer: We'd like to apologize for the lower quality of this recording, in advance. Along with technical difficulties experienced during, this was assembled on a moments notice in the middle of an active convention floor.

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