Episode 62

Superbowl car commercials, slow driver fines & pullover stories.

Daniel Campbell published on

This week Daniel, Milton and Michael talk about which car commercials they liked from the Superbowl. How Toyota is trying to add some feeling to their cars with the concept-i. Figure out how you can diagnose a car over the phone. What you can do to make your C7 vette stand out from the rest, and how an F150 convertible looks like garbage. Find out what it takes to be a badass by taking your drift car and drag racing it as well as a little LS vs VK56 battle. After the break we finish up the show talking about the new proposed VA bill that will fine drivers for driving slow and share some pullover stories.


- Best and worst super bowl car commercial

-Toyota Concept-I

-C7 Shooting brake

-F-150 convertible

-VA Slow driver bill

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