DZ 2099

Episode 19

Dredd On Arrival Vol. 06: Road Warrior Dredd

M. Swift published on

It's the exciting conclusion to Judge Dredd's 1978 mega story The Curse Earth! Dredd, Spikes, and the rest of the team take on a new ally and do battle against fast food wasteland gangs, organized crime in Las Vegas, and a Colonel Sanders wannabe. They also attempt to bring the law back to Las Vegas and fight the fearless, never-dying judge-hunting robots of the west coast. Above all else, Judge Dredd does battle with dinosaurs in the BEST story of The Cursed Earth arc. It's a story you gotta read and a show you gotta hear! Does Dredd get the vaccine to Mega City 2 in time or does the series reboot in 1978? Find out in the conclusion of The Cursed Earth!

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