Danger Zone '92

Episode 32

DZ 2099 #19: Dredd On Arrival Vol. 06

M. Swift published on

It's the exciting conclusion to Judge Dredd's 1978 mega story The Curse Earth! Dredd, Spikes, and the rest of the team take on a new ally and do battle against fast food wasteland gangs, organized crime in Las Vegas, and a Colonel Sanders wannabe. They also attempt to bring the law back to Las Vegas and fight the fearless, never-dying judge-hunting robots of the west coast. Above all else, Judge Dredd does battle with dinosaurs in the BEST story of The Cursed Earth arc. It's a story you gotta read and a show you gotta hear! Does Dredd get the vaccine to Mega City 2 in time or does the series reboot in 1978? Find out in the conclusion of The Cursed Earth!

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Show Theme: Street Made - My City. Podcast shoutout bump music is Galvanic - Shapeshift (https://open.spotify.com/artist/3GQj08iHefTniyhHjCVBov)

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