Deanna Cruz is a radio personality originally from the east coast whose voice dropped on the west coast in 2015.  She hosted mornings in Seattle at KHTP, Hot 103.7 while also interviewing regional organizations for the station's Public Affairs show and emceeing local events.  Back in Providence she interviewed Ludacris, Wyclef, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Drake, Kevin Hart, MMA fighter Connor McGregor and even Rhode Island's own DJ Pauly D.  "Nothing but love for you Deanna.  Maybe you'll make it into Season 2," says the fist pumper himself whose show The Jersey Shore is now in Season 6.  Deanna also took to the tube becoming a regular entertainment contributor at WPRI-TV's The Rhode Show.  Deanna is smart, sassy, straight forward and will call you out on your crap. In her own words:  "I wanted to create a Podcast where I could speak my mind, interview interesting people, and have fun with my closest friends." 

Listen in to the woman who can't sit still, and find out how she lives in the moment, stays sane with CrossFit and pursues her dreams, all while wearing a pair of heels.