Death Is Just Around the Corner

#67: Thomas Pynchon and the American Reconquista, pt. 1

? Astronaut published on

After years' absence, persecution by all the predictable authorities, several instances of thoroughly unelective plastic surgery, and a set of geographical switchbacks that would leave you physically allergic to the sight of a straight line, DEATH IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER triumphantly returns with Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice, the "counterculture" as a recco map to its own streamlined reconquest, and the same old evil agencies just biding their time, returning on a scale even they wouldn't have dared dream of when they had to take their last little planned pause.

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  • Head in a Jar

    Congratulations on the return of these important shows! Back in the early 70s the original DIJAtC shortwave broadcasts really helped me through the nights at the back-to-the-land goat-farming commune.

  • ? Astronaut

    Always good to have an old trouper back on the squad. Your instructions will be waiting at the Boston Back Bay station in the storage locker with the Donald Duck sticker on its door.