Death Is Just Around the Corner

#70: Lose Extra Pounds of Brain & Bone the John Kennedy Way, pt. 2

? Astronaut published on

The Headshot Sports Talk Call-In Show; Group 40, or, The Kill Kastro Klub Becomes The Kill Kennedy Kommittee; the CIA, the Mafia, and a whole lot of heroína; Howard Hughes, the world's most racist vampire (sorry, Peter Thiel); the young John Kennedy, warhawk mediocrity, somehow both stiff-backed and spineless; Patrice Lumumba's head mailed to the Inaugural Ball in a takeout carton.

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  • Head in a Jar

    Great show. Wish my old reel to reel recordings of old episodes hadn't been stolen in the burglary of my hunting shack a couple of years ago. Weirdly, that was all they took.

  • ? Astronaut

    Movie pitch: they've been on top of the world and left for dead in the gutter, consulted by presidents and hounded by cops, and now Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt are going out for one last ride