Death Is Just Around the Corner

#71: Lose Extra Pounds of Brain & Bone the John Kennedy Way, pt. 3

? Astronaut published on

J. Edgar Hoover and Howard Hughes clean up the podcast industry ––– JFK galvanized into giving a damn ––– two and a half years' secret war against the secret state ––– the U.S. in Southeast Asia: not just "the Vietnam War," but the technocrats' fuckfest ––– W. Averell Harriman and Henry Cabot Lodge take matters, sorry, murders into their own hands ––– the American University and Civil Rights speeches ––– it wasn't supposed to be Dallas: CIA assassination attempt #1, November 2, 1963, Chicago

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  • Head in a Jar

    You get to the heart of the matter when you say that hatred of unions has grown hypertrophically.

  • ? Astronaut

    Probably not what RFK meant to do, but christ almighty, what was the last win for labor after that 1962 U.S. Steel showdown?

  • Chris Sherman

    Alternate scenario: JFK survives assassination attempts and tames the CIA. The CIA's anti-democratic activities undertaken in support of US global power and US-led global capitalism continue via more efficiently organized agencies and governmental bodies. US activities of this type continue to be, for the most part, ignored or passively accepted by the US public.