Death Is Just Around the Corner

#72: Lose Extra Pounds of Brain & Bone the John Kennedy Way, pt. 4

? Astronaut published on

THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD SUMMERSLAM SPECTACULAR: Lee Oswald, Secretary of the Fair Play for Cum Town Committee  –––  Lee Oswald, Time Man of the Year, 1963-2018  –––  The Eikonosphere, the Kingdom of the Realer-than-Real  –––  if you're not rich, talented, or lucky, you can always kill the right celebrity  –––  Oswald: CIA since 1959/repeat/Oswald: CIA since 1959  –––  a wandering dyslexic joins the Marines  –––  how to "defect," give up military secrets, meet girls, and get paid $3,500 to come back home!  –––  a CIA-led life among the weirdest fucks Fort Worth and New Orleans have to offer  –––  imitation is the sincerest form of framing your ass for a presidential assassination  –––  epilogue: the Warren Commission is only fit to wipe up bloody piss  –––  debut of a special song, dedicated to the trillion helpless cyclical losers still to come (this author included)


Extracurricular reading – an introduction to the Eikonosphere, the bulk of which I wrote almost a decade ago and might or might not disclaim now:


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  • Head in a Jar

    Barry Seal was also at that same Civil Air Patrol group with Oswald and Ferrie, was he not? Or were they in Ferrie's CAP group at different times. Also, thought "Act Naturally" was Buck Owens. Nice song, in any case.

  • ? Astronaut

    Wow, I didn't know that about Barry Seal, and fuck!, I knew I should've looked that up – confused the Beatles covering Perkins's "Matchbox" with "Act Naturally," which is, as you say, by buck Owens.

  • HCL95

    Is your theory not just Debord's Spectacle?