Death Is Just Around the Corner

#73: Lose Extra Pounds of Brain & Bone the John Kennedy Way, pt. 5

? Astronaut published on

NOTE: I've removed this episode, as consultation with a number of experts on the topic has convinced me that it was not based on reliable information.

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  • Eiten Apples

    What do you think of the Atomic Neutron Spectroscopy done on Oswald? After the paraffin tests they subjected him spectrographic analysis for nitrogen, which also came back negative.. I believe the test was done because Paraffin tests weren't considered to be perfect at the time. Even Norman Redlich, a special counsel member of the Warren Commission, wrote in an internal memo to Allan Dulles that it was a physical impossibility that Oswald had fired a gun that day.

    P..S I loved this series, it was great. Do you think you will ever redo the last episode in light of your revelations?