Death Is Just Around the Corner

#75: Macché, questo è'l fascismo?, pt. 2 (feat. Matthew McConaughey)

? Astronaut published on

McConaughey for Lexus, pt. 2  ––  Songs of Praise, o sweet children of mine  ––  fascist death cults; they made more sense than you might think  ––  the fascist as both Übermensch and Damné de la Terre  ––  two fascist dreamers: Ezra Pound and Martin Heidegger  ––  self-devouring nationalism, or Fascism, American-Style  ––  blah blah, OK, fine, Trump, el Perón analfabeto  ––  technofeudalism: move sharpish to the fiefdom of your choice


Sitting on spare family Krugerrands? Find a checkbook hanging from the gallows? Well,

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