Death Is Just Around the Corner

#80: Cokeboys International, Amen (Iran-Contra, pt. 2)

? Astronaut published on

Sincere apologies for being alive  ––  the CIA is just excellent with regional loyalties  ––  Julio Zavala and Carlos Cabezas, or, the Justice Department sometimes has trouble getting on the same page  ––  Danilo Blandón, fuckup kingpin  ––  Ron Lister & our various covers for supplying Salvadoran death squads, in case you were feeling good about yourself, piggy  ––  Arkansas, cocaine capital of the US, thanks to your boys Barry Seal and Danny Lasater ––  Billy Clintón, probable serial rapist, assassin of the New Deal, and big-time accomplice to Tony Yayo  ––  I like Bernie, as far as he goes, but that bitch won't disarm the cops  ///

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