Two UCF students, Jack Hershfield and Jovan Dinnall, took issue with the fact that few take the opportunity to meet new people on such a large campus. Jovan understood that a closed book adds no value. The solution? Give students a large scale outlet to open and share their stories. This is to allow other students or campus community members to make a connection and maybe feel comfortable putting themselves out there as well.

Now, over one year since conception, the duo have grown as individuals and Deep in the Knight as a production. Jovan has since graduated from UCF and Jack is spending a semester in Europe. Yet, the show can't stop there; they have seen consistent growth and received positive feedback. A new duo has taken over the host's seats. Jeff Dorcelly and Kennedi Holder (both pictured above) have stepped in since the start of the semester to continue to carry out the mission while changing the voice and adding their unique perspectives to the dialogue. Chelsea Blackmon has continued to bring the conversations to a written, story-like format in the Deep in the Knight blog. There are more hands in the operation than before as the content contiuously flows.

Jovan and Jack are still involved on the operation and execution standpoint. They have bridged the gap with local businesses and students by doing giveaways to drive awareness to business while students can enjoy their products for free. They continue to collaborate with businesses to add value to both parties while maintaining the initial objective. Deep in the Knight is no longer just a place to learn about one person, it's a place to grow as individual, change perspectives, and offer new experiences. It's where unique individuals share why they are who they are.

To learn more about the individuals mentioned above, they each have an episode on our show. Jovan- Very Opulent Negus, Jack- Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jeff- Satus Shock, Kennedi- Kung Fu Kennedi, and Chelsea- Chelsville

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