Deep in the Knight
Episode 64

A Musical Philosophy

Deep in the Knight published on

With the growing popularity of our podcast by word of mouth around campus, our latest guest reached out to us and we couldn’t have been happier. Joshua Gluck is a 19 year old sophomore with wisdom and a perspective beyond his years. This musically inclined singer/songwriter has an opportunity to make GREAT things happen at UCF. He was just appointed president of UCF’s record label, Joust Record, and plans on making something from nothing. The conversation our hosts, Jeffrey Dorcely and newly added Anne-Caroline Verret, enjoyed went to a spiritual/cosmic level. Josh shared with us his interesting perspective on where Artists like Kendrick Lamar pull their inspiration from, saying “it’s out of this world.” Josh’s interests span farther than just music. He finds sports to be a great way to take his mind away from the melodies, basketball and tennis in particular.(although he would say he isn’t very good) This episode is filled with interesting insight, unique perspectives, and a special treat in the form of an a cappella performance. Check out josh’s episode and enjoy getting to know this unique individual. Also be on the look out for his first original single dropping soon! 

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