Deep in the Knight
Episode 69

David is Kapable of Anything!

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Every so often we come across an individual so inspiring that we happily get lost in their story. So much so that we lose track of time and run well past our scheduled studio time. This weeks episode is an example of that. We were joined in the studio by David Torrence, a 24 year old sport and exercise science alumni of UCF. David was not at all shy when it came to diving deep into his life’s story, explaining to us some of the trials he’s been through. A former D1 basketball hopeful who’s reality was shook when he was diagnosed with a heart condition that is usually only discovered through autopsy, David would not let anything stop his journey, not even open heart surgery. At UCF David was involved in many organizations, one being Project Spit, where he discovered a passion for poetry which led him to winning competitions and even coaching. Poetry is not the only this David coaches. He has a strength and conditioning business called Kapable fitness, which he uses as a way to give back to his community. Surely, once you listen to this episode, you will agree that David is a wonderful example of a Progressive Black Man. We won’t forget to mention that one of his hobbies is watching ANIME! He’ll breakdown plot twists of his favorite series as well as coming up with theories of his own. Catch this weeks entertaining story and enjoy! Hopefully there are no Game of Thrones spoilers!


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