Episode 3

Counting On (S7E3) + Ben's Atheist Video

Defrauded Podcast published on

Today, we exhaustingly break down the worst episode of the season so far: Spurgeon’s First Haircut. Not only do we get to watch a toddler's curls get snipped off, but we also really delve into bookcases being installed at Jinger and Jeremy’s house, plus a water fun (?) day at the Duggar compound.

With no new news since the last time we recorded earlier that day, we made up for it with a discussion of an oldie-but-goodie video at the end of the episode. We (two atheists) react to Ben Seewald’s video with creationism fanatic Dr. Jason Lisle about why there’s no such thing as an atheist. Watch this nonsense for yourself here: (Yes, I know I used the word "sentient" correctly, then questioned myself and used it the wrong way)

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