Devotional And Dgroup Gathering
Episode 1

Small Groups

ElevateLive Cebu published on

Although Jesus taught in huge gatherings during his time on earth, his main focus was His inner circle of 12 people. He taught them how to love, pray, and live the Christian life. The same applies today. We can learn a lot through podcasts and sermons, but growth and life transfer happens mostly in small groups. The main function of small groups include:

  • Correction. You can fake who you are in a big group, but in a small group people see how you live and can lovingly correct you.
  • Encouragement. In a small group people know what you are going through and can encourage and pray for you.
  • Accountability. 
  • Spiritual Multiplication.

Closing Challenge:

  • For everyone to see the beauty of small groups
  • For everyone to be committed to a group
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