DiC Geeks

Episode 48

Monster Mash (2000)

Mostly Kobolds published on

When Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolf Man are indicted by the monster council for not being scary enough, hijinks ensue. Which is basically another way of saying 'Generic Cartoon Antics'. In this slightly late Halloween Special we examine this forgotten Halloween classic, and then almost immediately forget it ourselves. It's all very forgettable. I think there was a version of Jason made out of spaghetti? Anyway, we counted about three genuinely decent jokes throughout this entire feature-length cartoon, and for one of those three, it trod on its own toes and ruined the joke. There's only two words that can perfectly sum up this special: Wasted. Potential. Well, as wasted as you can get for a cartoon whose entire base concept is "What if we turned the Monster Mash into a cartoon?"

Note; This episode was 100% intended to be out before Halloween but due to awkward scheduling circumstances and general mental health issues, Avery has only just now been able to properly sit down to edit it. Apologies for the delay!

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