DiC Geeks

Episode 44

New Kids On The Block/Hammerman (1990/1991)

Mostly Kobolds published on

What? *Two* cartoons an episode?! Yeah, that's the new structure, get with the times my pal. We're trying out something new; not only are we reducing the overall workload by doing this but also it allows us to have a more relaxed and proper discussion-y feel to each cartoon instead of just droning on about plotlines and bad characters. This week we have the New Kids On The Block cartoon ("Everything wrong about celebrity toons" according to TVTropes) and Hammerman (Literally Mc Hammer's very own cartoon). One's a stinker and ones a corker, and I feel I may have ruined that already. But hey!

Oh, right, yes, also here's a SPECIAL ALERT for this episode: You guessed it - fucked audio! This time round it was nothing to do with us directly; instead my microphone inexplicably started distorting audio every so often throughout the recording along with making a bunch of clicking noises. Now, the clicking noises I've managed to remove, but I wasn't able to keep the distorted audio in. Thus, A Totally Not Noticable At All replacement recording has been spliced in where this happened. Yeah, this episode is a bit of a mess but it should hopefully give you some idea of the structure and next time we're going to take more precautions to hopefully stop this from happening so we can give you a good quality episode for once. Thanks for your patience and we love you! <3

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