DiC Geeks

Episode 41

not street sharks :(

Mostly Kobolds published on

hello i would like to be first to formally announce that adobe can go piss off into the darkest depths of hell for creating software that pretends like it is friends with you before stabbing you. in the back. repeatedly. uerghhgh.

ANYWAY, no proper episode this week because audition ate the audio files that we recorded for some reason instead of saving them in a place that it wouldve normally put them in. because that makes sense. we'll be back next week maybe with something else. street sharks will happen another time in the near future. we're sorry this happened but in all honesty blame adobe and their awful awful software.  thats basically the gist of the audio file by the way. there you go, i even saved you some spare megabytes on the download/stream.

also if you havent done so already, the new season of brand slam on polygon is basically a new monster factory so id recommend hitting that up especially if youre a fan of gill and gilbert. bye~

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