DiC Geeks

Episode 37

Ultraforce (1995)

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With the success of Fox's X-Men cartoon, studios spent much of the early 90s looking for the next big superhero team. Unfortunately, it was the early 90s and therefore comics were ugly and barely comprehensible in a way they had never quite been before. On that basis, Ultraforce is an excellent translation of the Malibu Comics series (remember Malibu Comics? Neither do we), mining several months of deep continuity for its unengaging plots and almost entirely unlikable heroes to work with. Of course, by the time the cartoon came out, the entitre of Malibu's continuity had been completely reset, making the cartoon completely redundant. Even if the timeline hadn't been reset, it would feel redundant. Ultimately, the show is a time capsule to an age of tedium. 

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