Digging Into Damnation

"Set in 1931 amidst the American labor wars of the Great Depression, Damnation follows Seth Davenport, a man with a violent past who poses as a preacher as he rallies townsfolk to stand up against greedy industrialists and the corruption of the local bank, sheriff's department, and newspaper. He is opposed by Creeley Turner, an ex-con who works for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and has been hired by a rich industrialist to stop Davenport's strike."

In this podcast, I will explore and analyze the incredible television series Damnation (available now on Netflix) episode by episode.  I will explore the revolutionary history behind the show's concept, including the Farmer's Holiday Association which the events in the show are based off of.  I will relate the organizing principles and struggles that happen to the characters in the show to the real life struggles faced both in the 20th century and today.  I will try to find out what Damnation has to tell us about the past, the present, ourselves, and what kind of future may or may not be possible.  

Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.