WE'VE MOVED! If you listened to us through ShoutEngine or are getting this message on on your podcaster of choice, you'll need to find our NEW RSS feed where we'll be uploading from now on over at www.audioentropy.com, along with all the other great shows in our network. If you have any problems with finding the new feed, please contact us at @DigitalMoncast or email at Digitalmoncast@gmail.com




Digital Moncast is a Digimon rewatch podcast where a group of people sit around and talk about how absurd a show made for kids can get. Join us in an episode by episode rewatch of the hit children's show, complete with unexplained nonsense, insane explanations for technology, and rapidly growing plotholes. We watch every episode as it comes up, muck around, and despair. It's great fun!


If you like us to read some of your questions, check our Twitter at @DigitalMoncast, or send us an email at DigitalMoncast@gmail.com. We're happy to answer any question you'd like, even if it's not Digimon related! 

Please rate and review us on iTunes as well, we should be up on there (so long as I avoid naughty language).

Our logo was designed by a friend of ours, hit him up on twitter @deathofrats01 if you need any design or illustration work done, he's a rad dude (he did the logo for another podcast we're friends with as well!).

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