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Episode 13

Episode 13 - New and Improved Arnott's Shapes

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Jules had something on and so she missed the end of the first arc. No biggy, because it wasn't a great episode anyway. Instead we invited our buddy Greg to watch episode 13 - "The Legend of the DigiDestined" or "Angemon Wakes!"


This time around we get: TK's New and Improved voice, Leomon learns to teleport, Sniper Garurumon, the giant devil, we learn where black gears come from I guess?, seriously though the devil is huge, Angemon's skin tight white bodysuit, we manage to set a new TTR (Time To Ryo) record, and as Jules missed out on our pre-recording traditions, she instead sent us her pre-recorded opinion on the New and Improved Arnott's Shapes. She's mostly right, except for one small thing.

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