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Episode 14

Episode 14 - Asshole Digi-Man

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Jules is back after missing the finale of the last arc (she didn't miss much) and we're also joined by digimon virgin guest buddy Steve, who knows nothing about the show except for what we've said on the podcast, for the first episode in the new arc! Except not much happens. Sorry.

Along the way: New digimon series announced, Gennai is an unbelievably huge jerk, Jules and I are tempted by a $130 Omnimon model kit, TK is just the worst at taking care of small animals/monsters, Sora forgets that buttholes exist, convenient whale knowledge, hidden convience stores, the black gears are GONE FOREVER (thank god for that), and for the first time we've recorded our pre-show tradition for everyone to listen to! It's after the episode clip at the very end, so stick around.

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