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Episode 21

Episode 21 - Surprising Revelations?

Digital Moncast published on

We dive into one of the major highlights of the series, episode 21 "Home Away From Home" or "Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!"

This episode brings: Recording problems, improved animation, bizarre censored poop jokes, genuine quality, the episode being released on the same day the episode is set (whoo), and apparently surprising revelations about myself?

I didn't think it was that surprising.

This will be the last episode we're uploading onto ShoutEngine. After this is uploaded, we will be moving hosting entirely to our podcasting network, Audio Entropy, over at

If you're already subscribed to us on iTunes or through the RSS feed, I will be shifting our iTunes listing after this goes up, and to get new episodes you will need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to us to get the new feed.

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