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Episode 4

Episode 4 - Biyomon Gets Firepower

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Jules returns (on their birthday!) as we get to most terrifying episode yet, Episode 4 - Biyomon Gets Firepower or in Japan, Scorching Heat! Birdramon. 


Along the way we get: Miharashi Mountain, danger signs relevant to Digimon, Patamon's voice is wrong, Jules gets a phonecall that stretches my limited editing ability to its maximum, Miharashi Mountain, Tour Guide Matt, the first instance of something related to the greater plot of the show, Izzy Was Right, Mimi carries many compasses, Joe slowly loses his mind, a flood of Yokomon, the sheer unending terror of our nightmares that is Meramon, animation errors ahoy, Birdamon makes her appearance, Joe is dying of starvation, I spend 20 minutes utterly failing to bring the episode to an end, and we say goodbye to the wonderful Paul Gordon, creator of much of the music throughout the show (including the fantastic main theme), who unfortunately passed away.

This episode is brought to you by Mt. Miharashi Spring Water, it's the best water in the digital galaxy!


As always, you can find Jules on twitter @GatsbyLow, or on where there are many fun articles that aren't always about comics (much like this podcast is supposed to be about Digimon)

Joel features on another podcast called Teenagers With Attitude, a similar show about Power Rangers. You can find them on twitter @TeensWithTude, and can find the podcast on iTunes or ShoutEngine.

We uh, also mentioned another podcast by the name of Let's Place, in which a friend of ours named Luke attempts to objectively, scientifically rank every single video game ever made. All of them. Every single one. They are also on ShoutEngine and iTunes. It's certainly an experience.


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