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Episode 5

Episode 5 - Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker

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So we're back from our week off to get into episode 5 - "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker" or in Japan "Lightning! Kabuterimon"

Unforunately no Jules this time, so instead we have our friend Sam again (you may remember him from episode 3, even though he doesn't seem to)


Along the way: I try to describe a manga series I'd never heard of until reading about it 3 minutes before recording, the passionate sounds of the Finnish Digimon dub team, we read far too much into a half second shot of a computer screen, and Tai is shockingly competent at something (for a change).


You can find Joel on his other podcast about Power Rangers, called Teenagers With Attitude. They're on iTunes and ShoutEngine, and on twitter @TeensWithTude, and (and a facebook group, they're much more organised than I am)

If you have any questions you'd like us to read on the show, you can email us at It's doesn't have to be digimon related, though it will probably turn out that way.

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