Directors of Cinema
Episode 1

The Road to Logan: A Special Podcast on The Young Folks

Matthew Goudreau published on

Hello everyone and welcome to a special podcast right here at The Young Folks. With the impending release of Logan, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the X-men franchise as a whole. Since 2000, the series has evolved and expanded well beyond the initlal trilogy to include spin-offs and a sort of reboot (continuity is not what this franchise is known for). There have been some incredible highs, some disapponting lows and everything else in between. 

During this podcast, writers Matt Goudreau and Michael Fairbanks recorded their thoughts on:

  • X-men
  • X2: X-men United
  • X-men 3: The Last Stand
  • X-men Origins: Wolverine
  • X-men: First Class
  • The Wolverine (Theatrical and Extended Editions)
  • X-men: Days of Future Past (Theatrical Edition and The Rogue Cut)
  • X-men: Apocalypse

As a brief aside, both Matthew and Michael already discussed X-men: First Class on episode 11 of Directors of Cinema. If you would like to know their in-depth thoughts on the film, the link to the show will also be posted below. Michael also spends the last few minutes providing his spoiler-free thoughts on Logan. If you're looking to catch up before it opens on March 3, this podcast provideds everything you need to know. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy.


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