Dirty Douglas Radio
Episode 11

Episode 11

Sad Milk Collective published on

Host: Jim Warren, with special guest Staci Ballard


Atlas the Atom Smasher - "Soul and Disaster" (from Roots Gone Rotten)
Tiny Moving Parts - "II" (from This Couch Is Long And Full of Friendship)
The Lonely Machines - "Feel Sick" (from Live From the Fallout Shelter)
Morning... - "Hermit Song" (from Hermit Song)
Decent Lovers - "Year of the Flame" (from Decent Lovers + Seer Group Bring You Maxxx Pleasure)
Caulfield Rebellion - "My Usual Friends" (from Sprite)
Benbo Benskie - "Long-Haired Crown and a Sandpaper Tongue" (from Long-Haired Crown and a Sandpaper Tongue)
Xerxes- "Wake" (from Our Home is a Deathbed)
Nashoba - "Turnin' the Lights On" (from Antico)
The Ghost of Electricity - "Brain Dance" (from Home Recordings from the Nebularium)
Timeshares - "Woke Up in Grappler School" (from Split w/ Captain, We're Sinking)
Sun Sister - "Puta, Mirame" (from Moquette)
Tenants - "Interlude" (from Isolationism)
Golden Retriever - "Acid Girl" (from EP)
MSF- "I'm Never Getting Over You (I Guess)" (from Eating P**sy Tha Mixtape)
Old Gray - "With Hands Like These" (from 4-Way V-Day Split)
The Sinbusters - "Nevermind" (from Second Coming)
Ghost Grenade - "Dead Ends" (from Live from the Fallout Shelter)
Great Western Plain - "Company, Man" (from Mustache Eye Patch)
Empty Bucket Brigade - "Spange Train" (from My Space)
Math the Band - "Bad Jokes" (from Get Real)
The Jitters - "Hellbasket" (from Black Ink and Bad Blood)
Pile - "Prom Song" (from Dripping)
Deer Leap - "(Take Time)" (from Here, Home)
Mercies - "Jeremiah, You're A Killer" (from Mercies EP)
Necklacing - "_" (from I)
President Soup - "Horn (Nick Cave)" (from President Soup)
Cerce - "L.I.F.E. (Life Instead of Sleep)" (from An Miracle (Split w/ I Kill Giants))
Onslo - "I Heart My Golden Retriever" (from A Taste of Purple)
Host - "You Know" (from There's Nothing Up There But Heavy Clouds)
SHAHMAN - "Pink" (from Bored)
Black Norse - "Walk" (from BLACK NORSE)
Greys - "Carjack" (from Drift)

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.

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