Dirty Douglas Radio
Episode 13

Episode 13

Sad Milk Collective published on

Host: Jim Warren, with special guest Staci Ballard


Kal Marks – “Where A River Starts” (from Go Plow!)
Gates – “At the End of All Things” (from The Sun Will Lead Me Home)
Sult – “bkra.” (from Sult)
Hermit Thrushes – “Ootheca” (from Mystery Ocean)
The Music Tapes – “A Lightning’s Cheek (Everything Gets Born Here)” (from Purim’s Shadow)
Brick Mower – “S**tty Parade” (from Split w/ Black Wine)
Pile – “The Jones” (from Dripping)
Mysterybear- “Sublimation (abridged)” (from Sublimation)
Tremarche – “Buddy Holly” (from Tour Split w/ Motel Mattress)
Marco Polio – “New Spring Song” (from Making and Losing Friends Under the Watchful Eye of God)
Motel Mattress – “I S**t My Pants at a Powwow Once” (from Tour Split w/ Tremarche)
Great American Ghost – “Empires” (from Empires)
Mr. Lee’s Defense Squad – “Richard Pryor’s On Fire” (from Nick Mitchell Is Dead)
Life in Vacuum – “Haliday” (from Rogue Sessions)
Maribelle – “Emotional Distance” (from Only an Impulse)
The Musical Theater – “Robot Love” (from How They Feel, Why They Feel)
SHAHMAN – “Homemade Maps” (from Shahman 7?)
The Points North – “Nut Island” (from I Saw Across the Sound)
Grower – “After All” (from Grower)
S.L.F.M. – “Bed Week” (from Gutterpunch)

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.

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