Disasters from History

A Killer Crowd

Justin Ordway published on

Whether waiting outside a concert venue, a shopping mall, attending a rally, or even just waiting for a subway train, crowds are all around us. They're an everyday part of life for many of us, especially for those who live in cities or other population-dense areas. Though we all know the joys and pangs of being a part of one, many of us forget, or are straight-up unaware, of the inherent dangers that are present in large, high-density masses of people. Thankfully, various protocols and developing technologies have helped manage large crowds to make them safer, but these modern day advances are all a direct result of events which unfolded outside a concert venue on a cold December night in 1979.

NOTE: I apologize for the clipping audio which is present in most episodes of this podcast. These clips are caused by my fairly old computer which I record on, and its inability to process audio seamlessly. Trust me, I find the issues very annoying myself and I am working to correct them in future episodes. Thank you for your understanding.

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