Episode 13

Alex Roseman, an Actor, an author, a public Speaker, the Illusion Breaker, a Coach, a Transformer taking us on the journey on how to attain Greatness

Sister Ihechi Ajuzie published on

Do not allow resistance or procrastination to be part of your life rather be a Doer, an action Taker, a responsible limitless Being. Do not wait for anyone to do for you what you know you are capable of doing, be accountable even in your failure. It is the journey of greatness as long as you are consistent in maneuvering the small steps. One step at a time.  This is what this gentle, kind and loving Alex Roseman has enriched us today. It is a therapy and motivational conversation that can help young and old. Alex is an excellent coach master, a healer, and a transformational speaker. He takes you from your illusionary mind, molds your vision and transforms it into reality. it is a skill and a gift and not everyone has this quality. 

In this episode, you will learn how we long for a new world, new Africa and how to make poverty history.  One of the ways, we want to achieve this is through an institution of effective and functioning healthcare facility, which in turn create good health, employment, education, change of mindset for growth and development for a better tomorrow.

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