Episode 12

Dr. Imran Tabrizi a Naturopath on using Health Optimising and Healing with love

Sister Ihechi Ajuzie published on

This episode is special and it is from the expert himself. Dr. Imran an electrifying lecturer on health, very passionate on how mankind should leave a healthy life avoid getting ill in the first place but when you do, there are simple steps to get well before you get into hospital environment.. Naturopath supports people from all areas of life from beginning to end of life. It is the route you take without side-effects. An alternative medicine which understands and addresses the cause of illness, what triggers the illness and finds the best way to eliminate the cause and eventually starts the healing process which means it takes some time to achieve result but with patience you will see and achieve a long lasting healing result.  What is more important than looking after yourself, loving yourself and loving your fellow human beings, animal and the environment? Dr. Imran advised on how we have responsibility in what we do and on how we look after ourselves. And the most important and fastest way of healing without payment is through prayer, faith and love, forgiveness and sacrifice and being charitable. Dr Imran stressed on the importance of having healthy nutrition, drinking the right water to help support our wellbeing.

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