DistantJob Podcast
Episode 6

Communicating to Thrive with Laurel Farrer

Luis Magalhaes published on

In this episode of the StaffITRight podcast - presented by www.distantjob.com - we talk to Laurel Farrer. Laurel is a remote work strategist and advocate who works with companies to strengthen communication and develop long-distance management strategies. She has written about remote work for several publications and education platforms and has advised US governments, business conferences, and industry leaders on the topic of remote work. 

We cover a wide range of topics during our conversation, including good stand-ups and bad stand-ups, how to be a leader instead of a boss, how to figure out if the remote approach is working for your business and specific conversation scripts that you can use to make clear to your remote employees what are your expectations of their work.

Want to continue the conversation with Laurel? You can reach her on her website at https://www.laurelfarrer.com/ 

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