DistantJob Podcast
Episode 13

Thinking Out Loud (About Happiness) with Sharon Koifman

Luis Magalhaes published on

Welcome to the second season fo the DistantJob podcast - a show where we interview the top remote leaders, picking their brains on how to build and lead remote teams who win.

To kick off this season, we’re back in touch with DistantJob’s president and founder Sharon Koifman. Sharon talks about a very important topic: how to create a work environment where people are happy enough that you won’t run the risk of them being poached away from you.

We’ve heard from some of our friends in the crypto and blockchain space that this - employee retention - was a major problem in 2018, so take this podcast as a list of actionable advice on how to avoid it!

Want to continue the conversation with Sharon? sharon@distantjob.com is the best way to do it!

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