DistantJob Podcast
Episode 4

Trust and Connection with Stephan Dohrn

Luis Magalhaes published on

In this episode of the StaffITRight podcast - presented by www.distantjob.com - we talk to Radical Inclusion’s Stephan Dohrn. Stephan has been helping remote teams do their best work for over a decade, and his experience has led him to focus on each individual as the building blocks of a top-performing remote team.

In our conversation, we talk about building trust, connection, responsibility, and accountability, among many other things. All without ever stepping foot in the office.

Stephan Dhorn is one of the co-founders of Radical Inclusion, a remote consulting firm, and a prolific writer. You can find out more about his projects on his website ( www.sdohrn.com ) and follow his writing and activity on his LinkedIn profile ( www.linkedin.com/in/sdohrn/ ).

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