Doing Good Through Food
Episode 10

An app to save food, save money and save the planet - with Jamie Crummie (part 2)

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This is the second part of the conversation with Jamie Crummie. Jamie is the co-founder and director of Too Good To Go – an app that tackles food waste by making surplus food from restaurants, cafes and bakeries that would otherwise be thrown away available for collection at massively reduced prices.

If you haven't already heard it I would recommend listening to the first part of the conversation, which goes into detail about how the app works, where the inspiration came from, how the business started and begins to get into the scale of the issues it is trying to address. This episode picks up where the other finished and covers how the business works behind the scene, goes into more detail about the issues they hope to address and we finish by talking about their plans for the future.

Too Good To Go is live in cities and towns across the UK and is growing fast. If you would like to get particular restaurants, cafes and food retailers in your area involved in the scheme just contact the guys at Too Good To Go and let them know. The app is free to download for ios or Android and more details can be found on their website: Get involved if you share their hope that one day all food produced will be food consumed.

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