Doing Good Through Food
Episode 18

Empowerment through kitchen confidence - with Amelia Stewart

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Amelia is a culinary consultant and a food and travel writer. She worked for the World Food Programme for 5 years before taking a break to study for a masters in International Law. While studying she founded her company, Cook First.

She had experienced how a nutritious diet is vital to leading a healthy and active life. She also realised that cooking can be positive and empowering and that learning to cook can change a person's life for the better. She turned her passion for food towards directly helping people become confident in the kitchen and  empowered in their lives as a result.

Cook First provides consultancy for catering businesses and workshops for individuals to show how to create wholesome, nourishing meals and become mindful of what you eat. The company also puts huge emphasis on teaching people how to minimise food waste, and make the most out of the food they buy.  Amelia believes that food is one of the best ways to build friendships and relationships.. as she puts it: "How better to nourish friendships than through the conviviality and conversation over a delicious, nutritious meal?  But you need to know how to cook first"

Her website has much more detail about the company's mission, as well as a link to her blog where you can find Amelia's nutritious and thrifty receipes. I really encourage you to check it out for yourself:

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