Doing Good Through Food
Episode 16

How to mainstream sustainability - with Mallen Baker

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Our guest this episode is Mallen Baker, a writer, speaker and strategic advisor on corporate social responsibility and responsible marketing. He is also a blogger and podcaster who produces The Respectful Business Blog, Respectful Business Podcast and more recently the Delicious and Sustainable Blog.

Our conversation covers a lot of topics, but the key theme is the one Mallen has spent the majority of his career focussing on - namely, how to make the world better by positively affecting as many people as possible.

Mallen was involved in politics and campaigning early in his career, but came to realise that an adversarial, "us versus them" mentality is at best ineffective in getting people to change and and often totally counter-productive. Instead, he found, genuinely engaging with institutions and the people within them leads to profoundly better outcomes.

This episode will be hugely interesting to anyone hoping to change something for the better, either within or through the world of food. I highly recommend checking out Mallen's blogs and his podcast if you enjoy the discussion:

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