Do it Dad

Episode 3

#3: The EverLearner: From a Fathers Idea to a Modern Education Phenomenon - James Simms

Neil Williams published on

In this episode Neil enjoys a fascinating and enlightening conversation with his special guest and education visionary James Simms. James is the founder of The Everlearner (, a team of dedicated educators who are passionate about developing alternative and more versatile teaching and learning methods and processes that for example can leverage modern media delivery streams and technologies, allowing students to study the same material as one another but at a pace and style optimised for each of them as individuals. There are so many other benifits to the EverLearner model which James presents passionately in his discussion.

Being a busy father we luckily get to discover why and how James has felt so driven to build his platform. We get to hear about his circumstances and aspects of his life and own personailty that have contributed toward the success of The EverLearner project. The passion... The family support... The sheer need.

So tune in and enjoy. It's enlightening, insprational and such a wonderful story. If you love what James is all about, check out his website ( and his podcast 'The Teacher in Classroom 21'.

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