Do it Dad

Episode 6

#6: Leave Your Mark: High Performance Food for Thought - Scott Livingston

Neil Williams published on

In this episode Neil enjoys an enlightening conversation with his special guest and Scott Livingston. Scott is a founding partner of Premiere Performance ( a performance coaching and therapy facility based out of Montreal. He is passionate about the work he does and over his many years in the field has helped many top professional athletes. These days he has become more of a conversationalist about this passion and endeavours to spread his knowledge and the phylosiphy behind his expertise though online and in person mediums. 

A dedicated father late into that game, Scott has had his own struggles acclimatising to the sometimes restrictive nature of fatherhood. He talks about his own experience honestly and tries to depict a picture of what it truely means personally to become a Dad, joy along with the impact of sometimes undesired change. So stay with us and listen to what Scott has to share. It's real, informative and insprational. If you would like to know more about what Scott is doing, check out his website ( and his podcast 'Leave Your Mark'.    

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