Dragon the Dirt Show
Episode 1

20050512 Dragon the Dirt Show - #1

KMFBZ published on

Time, date, and purpose / we were alive in the 70s / food jokes / family friendly - but what family? / Dragon is known for his interrupting / we're questioning things that nobody questions! / My Dinner With Andre / this is a "cerebral smackdown" / brilliant radio dramas, or waste of time diatribes? / "Cut his mic!" / Dragon is not a "9-to-5 monkey" / MLK as an example of revisionist history / tall blades of grass get cut / Sam Jackson is way cool / funny is just as important as AIDS research / salt and pepper family fun / dropping water as well as picking it up / a phone call with thousands of people / Dragon asks, "Can I tell you a story?" / giving people a mental "buzzcut" / people are actually afraid of *succeeding* / Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" / Dirt doesn't want to be famous, but Dragon does / adding, deleting, and distorting our 5 senses / Slartibartfast asks, "Would you rather be right or happy?" / "Adventures In Legal Land": a mind-blowing book! / taking your neighbour's couch is wrong / labels hypnotize people / a contract is simply an agreement / enjoying the time we have / the best audience in the world / Dirt's lengthy and confusing disclaimer

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