Dragon the Dirt Show
Episode 6

20050721 Dragon the Dirt Show - #6

KMFBZ published on

New and exciting website shortcuts / another London (non-)bombing / is Canada next? / this is not a London show / sign-up plea! / new shortcuts to the archives / the best Internet radio show audience in the world / Scotty beamed up / life can begin anytime / mid 30s or late 30s? / Dragon is not "old" / hey sycophants, stop sucking up! / Dragon's mad coding skillz / inspirational Kevin Smith stuff / "this is a challenge to you, Reese Witherspoon." / Atom Films: Nightly Potato / Dragon's thoughts on "the cat video" / Pope jokes and Catholic apologies / reasons to disbelieve London official story / 1. "Bibi" warning / 2. Olympic celebrants alive = you terrorists suck / 3. military withdrawal okayed / 4. easy to fake photos or videos / poor patsies / Fishing 101 / Dirt's couch obsession / What is poly-ticks? / Natural Law vs. natural law / There's No Government Like No Government / voting doesn't make sense / man made laws = opinions backed by guns / voting is a violent act / quiz answers / Dragon: "I've seen the light." / this is our E.P. ("Very Special Episode") / why do people obey laws? / Bush and Blair promote democracy / constitutions are not contracts

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