Dragon the Dirt Show
Episode 7

20050804 Dragon the Dirt Show - #7

KMFBZ published on

Catapult the propaganda! / what if they're lazy *and* stupid? / toe teaser / What's It All About? (not the book by Sir Michael Caine) / the voluntaryism ideal! / Dragon's post count="less than one" / has Dirt been fighting with Marc Stevens? / RantAcid: like a soapbox on paper / fond Kids In The Hall memories about Bruce's stolen bike wheel / Free Talk Live is "not libertarian enough" / what a "straw man" actually is / An Official Apology To Marc Stevens! / Mountain Dew Energy Drink -- oh yeah! / "Wonderstruck!" about the new Governor General / Dragon's skateboarding excursion and twin toe trauma / Dirt's blatant apathy / London survivor says bomb was *under* the train / Dragon sings, "scab flakes on my mic" / Dragon struggles to find Alex Jones "Martial Law" movie website / Many free 911 videos @ http://netctr.com/media.html / Dirt's "tip jar" seeding analogy / every episode, Dirt mentions the couch! / Dragon proclaims "Mallrats wasn't as bad as people say" / we're not as cynical, not as bitter... / TheNightlyPotato.com / "this has been the least political show" / Dragon keeps turning off the printer -- without Dirt's consent! / Sorry, Gord, what "contract"? / advice to bloggers applying for jobs

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