Dragon the Dirt Show
Episode 8

20050811 Dragon the Dirt Show - #8

KMFBZ published on

Hyperactive intro courtesy of Mountain Dew / toe injury updates / we are such consummate professionals / Dragon is still the round peg that doesn't fit in the square hole / reminiscing about maturity / why "GAFFE"? / the SNL adult diaper commercial parody / yet another couch obsession reference / intentions revealed and revealing definitions / we are not "Bob Saget blue" funny / Aristrocats: a different movie than AristoCRATS / Dragon will fart in a bus shelter -- loudly. / GAFFE is all about promoting a voluntary society / asking simple but revealing questions of terrocrats -- oops, bureaucrats / Dragon is jokeless, he is without joke / "CRUNK" / Thanks, Ice T and/or Dave Chappelle (?) / censor stuff on our forums: it's just funny. / friggin' gubmint, a bunch of gorram dipspits :) / 25 question political spectrum test, summarized and reviewed / cLeRkS Amok! / George Lucas is not allowed to write dialogue / assigning authority that you yourself don't have / roads are *not* built by "government" / The Real Frank Zappa Memorial / individuals could provide anything that "government" claims to provide / a surprise visit from Tux, your friendly neighbourhood purr provider! / Ferris Wheel voting analogy

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