Dragon the Dirt Show
Episode 9

20050915 Dragon the Dirt Show - #9

KMFBZ published on

We're mellow, like NPR / Dragon Pesci asks, "Where's my crunkin' Whopper?" / patriots are lunatics / repeated multi-threaded conversations / 9-11 2005: no disasters or NBC problems / Dragon, will you please go now? / articles are more than 10 words / "living under the shadow of a mushroom cloud" / Dirt's boredom begets obnoxious rolling of dice / a fart in a teacup? / "it could never happen here" / 9-11: a sad list of "20 Things We Know 4 Years Later" / Despotism: a 1946 film, now playing in a modern nation near you! / Why is Dragon talking about "Logan's Run?" / serious consequences for thinking differently / I grok you speak rightly, brother! / dice explained, Dynamite praised / "You're The Man Now, Dog!" (YTMND) - gdsm.ytmnd.com: Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel, immortalized / www.purepwnage.com - is that pronounced Prawnage or Phoneage? / A "3" again? These dice are possessed! / Dragon finally reads the list / Dirt provides beatbox accompaniment and Beastie Boys stylin' / Dirt rattles off dozens of topics from the first 8 shows / why haven't you listened to the first 8 shows? / why do people put up with the State? (a list of 10 reasons -- 10 weak, fallacious reasons) / this is *our* declaration of independence!

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