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Episode 12

Car Cultures Podcast - Slice is Back, Drake is Distracted, David is... David, and Joe Rants

Joe McKenney published on

Car Cultures

  • Regardless of how old we were when cars first became a part of our lives, we all know and understand the significant impact that they have made on our lives. From friends to fans, and joy to pain, these masterful pieces of engineering have touched each of us in a unique way, and Car Cultures is here to expose each great story.


  • Joe McKenney - Founder of Car Cultures
  • David Santiago - Co-Founder of
  • Drake Burgoon - Co-Founder of
  • Lee "Slice" Springer - Official Stance


  • Mustang and Camaro
  • 1,000 HP is Stupid
  • Drive it, Track it, Crush it
  • Racing News


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