Driving While Awesome
Episode 18

A WAM, a Plan, a Road Trip: Vanagon! - DWA Podcast #18

Lane Skelton published on

Our first guest, DWA founding member @connorwelles, joins Lane, Warren, and Bryan to chat about cars. Warren picks up a new Vanagon with sights set on the southwest in 2015, Lane reports on the pre-historics at Laguna as Monterey Car Week warmed up, and much more car BS!!

(*no palindromes were harmed in the making of this title)

new DWA car: Vanagon!


more Vanagon talk, we love vans

Laguna Seca and the Pre-Historic Races

Ferrari 250 GTO

Canepa- Porsche 917/10

McLaren P1, need for speed

current crop of hypercars

make your S-Class sound like a Pagani

douche bag awards


micro honda

perfect Mini Cooper for sale in Santa Cruz

interior options, Pasha

sport seats are nice

2CV driving in the hills



long legged + highest build quality

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